I’m a writer.

At least, that’s why clients hire me. But, more than being a writer, I’m a solutions guy. My goal is to take my clients’ problems off their hands. Typically, the solutions I bring to the table are in the marketing and communications fields, but each problem and each solution is unique. In many cases, the common goal is this: how do we tell a story that improves our brand equity and increases sales? 

Past Projects

  • Creating social media content and leading social engagement for an indie video game.
  • Ghostwriting a book-length marketing/communications manifesto for an agency CEO.
  • Creating a 60,000+ word cardiology library for a major urban hospital.
  • Developing training materials and conducted training sessions for a content writing agency.
  • Curating hundreds of pieces of media for the launch of a video-driven storytelling platform.
  • Creating a YouTube library of 140+ existing videos with detailed organization and categorization systems.

Are we a fit?

I enjoy working with brands that are passionate about telling their story through brilliantly clear writing and dynamic visuals. I have seen how excellent digital content has helped my clients reach untapped audiences and create deeper connections with their current customers. I like to call this "branded entertainment" – content so unique and interesting it compels an audience to become a part of your message. If that gets you excited, too, let’s talk.

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